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General FAQs
What is UberBlox™?
This is a popular question so we’ve dedicated a full page to it here.
Why use UberBlox™?
Plastic building blocks don’t address the need to build more robust structures. Anyone interested in making things like machines that actually do things accurately is generally stuck with either having someone else build it for them, or take the years to develop skills needed to get good at design and fabrication, then spend long hours on building their designs. With UberBlox™ you simply imagine a machine idea within the context of the system and start building. The supporting electro-mechanic, electronic, and software components then help you bring it to life.
Who is UberBlox™ for?
The maker community is a clear target but we do see a great potential in various other areas such as light manufacturing, architectural and structural design. In addition, STEM and edTech (education Technology) are a great focus for us. Several university engineering departments have already shown interest in working with us to bring this system into their offering as a powerful tool to teach engineering skills, in mechanical and structural design as well as programming of automated machines.
How does UberBlox™ compare to the existing T-slot extrusion systems in the market?
As useful as T-Slot extrusions are for certain applications, they still require you to have some fabrication skills. In contrast UberBlox™ pieces are designed to be used without needing to modify them by drilling, milling, fitting, cutting and dealing with a large number of choices for connecting parts. They can also be re-used and re-configured as-is, without modification.

With UberBlox™ you simply learn the system and have discrete, standardized parts available to you so you can focus on quickly creating machines and structures rather than be caught up in the details of individual component design and fabrication. Moreover, UberBlox™ eliminates the need for special tools and equipment to assemble parts. You start assembling the majority of parts with a single small common tool.

What age group can use UberBlox™?
UberBlox™ can be used by anyone. Children must have adult supervision though.
How do I get support?
You can contact us at support@uberblox.com. We will also be launching our Community Forums in the near future which will be a great resource for asking questions and contributing solutions to the rest of the UberBlox™ community.
Do you offer educational discounts?
Yes, we plan to role out our educational discounts program in the near future. In the meantime, please contact us at sales@uberblox.com if you are an educational institution and want to find out how you can take advantage of our institutional discounts.
Pre-Order FAQs
When will you be shipping the first orders?
We plan to ship our first batch in the second quarter of 2017. We will keep you informed as soon as your order is ready to ship.
How do you process Pre-Orders?
We use PayPal and Stripe as our payment processors.
Do you save credit card information on your servers?
No, we do not save any credit card information on our servers. In fact due to using PayPal and Stripe, we do not even see your credit card information. All that is handled by either of these two payment processors, depending on your choice.
What is your refund policy in case I want to cancel my Pre-Order?
We’ve made it very easy and convenient for you: you can cancel your Pre-Order for a full refund at any time before we physically ship your order to you with a tracking number. Please contact us at sales@uberblox.com for processing cancellations and refunds.
Shipping FAQs
What countries do you currently ship to?
We currently ship to the following countries (new countries will be added as we grow):
– Australia
– Austria
– Belgium
– Canada
– Denmark
– Finland
– France
– Germany
– Italy
– Netherlands
– Norway
– Republic of Ireland
– Spain
– Sweden
– Switzerland
– United Kingdom (UK)
– United States (US)
Do you offer FREE shipping?
Yes. We offer FREE shipping to the U.S. and Canada on orders over $300, and to Europe and Australia on orders over $500.
What if my order does not qualify for FREE shipping?
We offer very reasonable flat shipping rates to all our customers for orders that don’t qualify for FREE shipping.
Do I have to pay customs charges if I do not live in Canada?
No, you don’t. We have partnered up with providers that will allow us to ship your order internally in your country, eliminating any need for you to incur extra customs charges!