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UberBlox™: Welcome to a whole new way of Making!

Get to know UberBlox™

What is UberBlox™?

Features and Benefits
Rigidity: Metal Parts
All the main UberBlox™ parts are made of metal (Aluminum, Steel, Zinc-Alloys). This results in much stronger structures for your builds. more…
Modularity is the degree to which a system’s components may be separated and recombined. more…
Re-Configurability is the ability to quickly and easily rearrange the parts and components of a system. more…
Re-Usability is the ability to use existing parts and components in a system over and over again. more…
Ease of Use
Almost anyone can use UberBlox™ to build complex machines and structures. more…
Speed of Design and Construction
UberBlox™ lets you design and make your projects quickly and easily. more…
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